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我们的管理人才在液环式真空泵、压缩机液体包装系统,蒸汽喷射真空系统等其他工业产品方面具有多年的工程经验。 我们的人才同时拥有各产品及其过程工业中的应用经验。这些优秀的人才中,有相当一部分人才在国际公司工作了很多年,我们熟悉当地的情况,市场,客户,以及国际商务合作。

We have more than 70 employees included skilled mechanical and process engineers, factory-trained technicians, high qualified and certified welders, electricians and machinists, and quality management team.

Our people have years of experience in engineering and packaging systems of liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor, steam ejector vacuum system and other industrial products, and experience in their applications for process industries, and some of our people also had worked in international companies for many years, we know the local market, the customers, as well as international business cooperation.