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          We build trust

          Our Business

          Vacuum and compression system (VCS)
          Einar provides process vacuum and compression systems for the craft industry, involving industries such as refining, petrochemical and chemical, pharmaceutical, food, power generation and other industries.
          ?Market and sales
          ?Application and engineering design
          ?Assembly of vacuum and compression systems
          ?After-sale service

          Assembly of process units (PPS)
          Einar works for our partners to provide the design and assembly business of fluid machinery modules and systems applied to the global process industry.
          We inject the interests of our partner's products into China's products, inject our accumulated experience and expertise to provide them with engineering design, unit assembly and all round after-sale and on-site services to ensure that their systems and units and components are properly installed and connected to their specifications. And request.
          Our goal is to provide our PPS partners with the most valuable design and assembly and service of gas and fluid systems.
          ?Engineering and design
          ?System and integrated assembly
          ?Omni-directional service

          Mission Statement

          We build a bridge between overseas partners / manufacturers' services, so that they can gain competitive advantage in China.

          We hope to cooperate with our partners in a responsible and ethical environment.

          We increase local value for our partner's products, provide sales and on-site services for our partner's products, and provide solutions for our local customers.