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          We build trust

          Why We Are Unique

          · State of the art, custom built manufacturing facilities
          · Management having 30+ years of experience in engineering, construction and fabrication for multinational companies
          · Communications skill
          · Corporate integrity
          · IP conscious in-house engineering
          · Systems expertise in design, procurement, production and QA/QC
          · Superior customer service
          Shanghai einar plant

          The China Advantage

          · China’s growing talent pool of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers
          · Engineering and production lead times which are one-half to one-third those of Japan, US and European manufacturers
          · Costs for engineering and assembling modular systems which are 30% to 50% lower than the costs for producing like modules in the Japan, US or Europe
          · China’s supply chain efficiency
          ·China’s increasingly modern and efficient transportation infrastructure

          Shanghai einar plant

          Over View

          · Found in late 2003 as a private company.
          · 75 employees at Einar and related companies.
          · 4 workshops of total 5000M2 area.
          800M2 office area with 15 engineers
          Our partners